68 keys optical mechanical keyboard kit: hot swap Gateron optical key switch PCB, RGB backlight, programmable, USB type C – iSK68 kit6

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Optical mechanical keyboard kit – iSK68 kit6 include:

68 keys hot swap optical mechanical switch keyboard PCB
+ steel plate w/ stabilizer
+ ABS plastic keyboard case ( white/black optional)
+ Detachable USB type C cable

65% 68 keys optical mechanical keyboard kit,best modular keyboard kit,RGB backlit,multi-layers programmale, hot swap optcial key switch, build your own board easy!
65% 68 keys optical mechanical keyboard kit,best modular keyboard kit,RGB backlit,multi-layers programmale, hot swap optcial key switch, build your own board easy!


Custom 60 keyboard case for hot swappable mechanical keyboard GK68XS SK68, best white
High quality white ABS plastic keyboard case, fit for iGK68X, iGK68XS-bt (GK68X, GK68XS), iSK68, iSK68S-bt

iSK68 hot swap optical switch keyboard kit Features:

Great feature 1 :  This kit is built in hot swap optical switch mechanical keyboard PCB. 

For DIY user, hot swap Gateron optical mechanical switches into the keyboard kit, build your own Gateron optical mechanical keyboard so easy!

Great feature 2 :  5 layers (including 4 layers full programmable) mechanical keyboard

User-defined modes (5 status):

1. Standard mode: Standard mode, all keys can’t be user-defined. But user can customize your own personality keyboard by the following 4 modes. Onboard mode 1/2/3 is strongly recommended.

2. FN + Q (Driver mode): FN + Q is the driver mode layer, Q key’s LED lights in white, some special functions ( For example: You may assign a macro of more than 32 bytes to a key in the driver mode while it is unavailable in those onboard mode layer) and backlights can be set in this mode.

3. FN + W (Onboard mode 1, Layer 1 / Fn 1): FN + W, onboard mode layer 1, W key’s LED lights in white, the keyboard works in the custom keys’  functions and user can modify the keys’  functions and macro settings by the driver software. These settings can be downloaded and saved to the keyboard (Note: after this, these user-defined settings can be memorized by the keyboard, next time, user can use them directly, no need to run and connect the keyboard to the driver software.)

4. FN + E (Onboard mode 2, Layer 2/ Fn 2): FN + E, onboard mode layer 2, E key’s LED lights in white. The reference setting: keyboard of MAC OS, the “control, option, command” key will be in the original position. Of course, user can modify the settings by the driver software, download and save these settings to the keyboard.

5. FN + R (Onboard mode 3, Layer 3/ Fn 3): FN + R: onboard mode layer 3, R key’s LED lights in white. The reference settings: Some special function keys, or combination keys, or macro keys, these setting at this mode can be called by the key FN3 in Layer1 & Layer2.

Other features:

68 keys 65% mechanical keyboard  ( iSK68’s layout is as same as iGK68xs’s)

16.8M colors full RGB backlit

Waterproof & dustproof PCB board with nanometer technology

Smart visual driver software

USB type-C connector

With 8M On-board Flash memory

Built-in MIC


100% anti ghosting with USB full key rollover

Switch mount type: Plate

Windows lock function

Polling rate of 1,000 Hz

Power saving mode: When the computer is on standby, this mode launched.

Operation: Windows XP/7/8/10/MAC OS

Driver software compatible: available for Windows, and not for Mac OS (but the stored settings configured on Windows can be used on MAC OS)

Support BIOS setting on main board, as well as USB online update.


Purchase tips:
If you purchase Gateron optical switches ( red, blue, black ,brown, yellow, silver, silent brown, silent red, silent black, silent silver and silent yellow optional) from our Epathbuy website store, we can assemble these switches to the 68-key hot swap optical mechanical keyboard kit t for you freely.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Keyboard case color

White ABS plastic keyboard case, Black ABS plastic keyboard case