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Mechanical keyboard new buyer, you need to know

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What is hotswap PCB & hot swap keyboard?

Hotswap keyboard is a kind of mechanical keyboard. As this keyboard, every user can plug mechanical switch into the keyboard PCB (we call it hot swap PCB) and also pull switches out off from the PCB easily, neither needing any soldering nor any tools, just need your hand.

So even you are a mechanical keyboard newer, you can test more kinds of switches, just need to do “plug & pull”, until get the custom mechanical keyboard with your favorite switches, so easy!

You also need to know, sometimes hotswap keyboards are called modular keyboard ,CIY keyboard, removable switch keyboard and replaceable switch keyboard.

Who need  hot swap keyboard and hotswap PCB?

1. Mechanical keyboard newer need a hot swap keyboard, as your starter keyboard

Actually, hot swap keyboard is a best starter keyboard for mechanical keyboard new users. Because as mechanical keyboard fresher, obviously, you don’t know which kinds of switches … Read more....