60 hot swap PCB

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All 60 hot swap PCBs ( made by MonkeyKing Custom ) are listed below,  for diy users,  no need any soldering, you can build your own 60 mechanical keyboard ( with full RGB backlit and full programmable), easier and better than building GH60 keyboard.

iGK61, iGK64 and iGK68 are 60 hot swap PCB ( with kailh sockets ). All MX and MX-based mechanical switches can be hot swappable on these 3 kinds of hotswap PCB easily, including Cherry MX switches, Gateron mechanical switches, Kailh box switches, etc…
iGK61P and iGK62 are 60% hot swap optical switch PCB.  Now Gateron optical switches ( blue, red, black, brown, silver, yellow optional) can be swapped on these 2 kinds of  hot swap PCB.

If you want to buy 60% keyboard custom kit, you can visit custom keyboard kit, and you also can visit hot swappable keyboard  to buy pre-assembly hot swap keyboards directly.

Showing 1–12 of 29 results

Showing 1–12 of 29 results