Bluetooth 5.1/wired dual mode, hotswap switch, classic aluminum keyboard diy custom kit – iGK61S-bt kit3

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iGK61S-bt aluminum keyboard diy custom kit3 features:
wireless/wired dual mode keyboard
rgb, programmable, removable switch,USB type C


iGK61s-bt custom kit 3 include:

Classic anodized aluminium alloy keyboard case (gray)
61-key wireless bluetooth/wired dual mode & hot swappable keyboard PCB
Plate ( including stabilizer )
USB type C cable
750mAH rechargeable lithium battery

iGK61S-bt wireless bluetooth/wired dual mode, hotswap siwtch, aluminum keyboard diy custom kit, rgb, programmable, removeable switch,USB type C, GK61S
iGK61S-bt wireless Bluetooth/wired dual mode, hot swap switch, aluminum keyboard diy custom kit, rgb, programmable,removable switch,USB type C, GK61S

Purchase tips:

If you also purchase mechanical switches & custom GSA pbt keycaps set from our Epathbuy website store, we can assemble these switches and keycaps to this custom wireless aluminum keyboard kit for you, and what’s more, this service is free.
Cherry MX RGB  mechanical switches 
Gateron RGB  switches
Kailh box switches

iGK61 pbt dye-subbed keycaps set

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