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[custom keyboard review]Custom 61-key hotswap keyboard iGK61 review( cherry mx RGB silver switch x doubleshot pbt keycaps)

cherry mx silver keyboard, 60% 61-key cherry speed switch RGB keyboard, programmable

Custom cherry mx silver keyboard

Black 61-key hot swap mechanical keyboard iGK61 ( cherry mx RGB silver switch x black doubleshot pbt keycaps)

Custom keyboard’s personality features:
Cherry mx speed silver keyswitch
Black doubleshot PBT keycaps
Black ABS plastic keyboard case
Customized by MonkeyKing Custom

Customized from the original keyboard:
iGK series keyboard
Hot swap mx switch keyboard (HSMX Keyboard)
Product name: SmartMonkey
Model: iGK61set2b

Keyboard’s main features review:

Cherry mx silver switch mechanical keyboard
The Cherry MX Speed (Silver) key switch is a kind of fast switch, made to appeal to both fast typists and PC gamers like. In Cherry’s own testing, the MX Speed switches were 40 per cent faster than standard Cherry MX switches

Hot swap cherry mx switch keyboard (HSMX Keyboard)

CIY keyboard, swap mx switch by yourself – this is the great feature of this keyboard!
See more details about hot swap mechanical switch keyboard

60% cherry mx silver keyboard 

61-key poker layout, compact & … Read more....

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[custom keyboard show] custom hot swap Cherry MX switch mechanical keyboards

Cherry mx silver mechanical keyboard , hotswap PCB, full rgb, programmable

Custom cherry mx mechanical keyboard 1:

Cherry MX RGB silver switch mechanical keyboard

Keyboard main features & buying guides:
Cherry speed silver switch – faster switch, the best Cherry MX switch for gaming
Hot swap keyboard PCB – change mechanical switch by yourself, good starter keyboard for mechanical keyboard newer
60% keyboard – 61-key poker layout, compact & portable, convenient at both of office and travel
Full rgb backlit, programmable – powerful keyboard: DIY Led lighting effects, custom keys, build macro…easily & freely
Black doubleshot PBT keycaps – very nice & durable
USB type C port – let you input more faster than others
Buy 60% 61 key hot swap Cherry MX RGB silver switch keyboard with double shot PBT keycaps

Custom cherry mx mechanical keyboard 2:

Cherry MX RGB brown switch mechanical keyboard

Keyboard main features & buying guides:
Cherry MX brown switch – tactile, suitable typing at office
Hotswap PCB– replaceable mechanical switch by yourself (without any … Read more....