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[Interest Check]New layout for iGK6X mechanical keyboards – 3*FN function( 2 Space FNX + FN )

Hello everyone,

In order to improve iGK6X keyboards, now we have a 3*FN function plan( 2 Space FNX + FN )


7 kinds of choices are listed below, please vote for the layout you want. Thank you very much!

(1) layout 1


(2) layout 2


(3) Upgrade the Space FN feature software, but Space no need to be cutted.(Layout 3)


(4) No need to cut Space, no need upgrading software, the original layout is very good.

If you choose to cut the space , whether we need to retain the compatibility of the original 6.25 Space? That is, the user can choose the 6.25 space, and also can choose 3FN short Space (5) Yes, (6) No.

(7) If you don’t agree to any of the above, please give your suggestion.

Hope we can do better iGK6X mechanical keyboards together! Thanks all of you!